Faculty Senate representatives participate in shared governance through university commissions and committees.

University Council

  • University Council members
  • Faculty Senate representatives: Monty Abbas (2020); Diane Agud (2018); Susan Anderson (2019); Bryan Brown (2019); Bob Hicok (2020); Eric Kaufman (2020); David Tegarden (2020)

Commission on Administrative and Professional Faculty Affairs

Commission on Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Commission on Faculty Affairs

  • Commission on Faculty Affairs members
  • Faculty Senate representatives: John Ferris (Chair, 2018); Gregory Amacher (2018); Leon Geyer (2019); Bob Hicok (2020); Todd Schenk (2020); Ryan Speer (2018); James Spotila (2019); Philip Young (2018)

Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies

  • Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies members
  • Faculty Senate representatives: Alan Abrahams (2020); Jacob Barney (2019)

Commission on Outreach and International Affairs

Commission on Research

Commission on Staff Policies and Affairs

Commission on Student Affairs

Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies

Commission on University Support

University Advisory Council on Strategic Budgeting and Planning

Academic Support Committee

Athletics Committee

Campus Development Committee

Commencement Committee

Employee Benefits Committee

Energy and Sustainability Committee

Faculty Honorifics Committee

  • Faculty Honorifics Committee members
  • The Faculty Senate nominates committee members from each of the following areas:
    • Alumni Distinguished Professor:  Tom Gardner (2019)
    • Academy of Faculty Service:  James Knight (2018)
    • Alumni Award for Extension Excellence:  Jennifer Gagnon (2019)
    • Academy of Teaching Excellence:  Joe Merola  (2019)
    • Alumni Award for Research Excellence:  Janell Watson (2020)
    • University Distinguished Professor:  Tom Ollendick (2020)
    • Named Professor:  France Belanger (2019) 

Intellectual Property Committee

Library Committee

Transportation and Parking Committee

Honor Council

  • Honor Council members
  • Faculty Senate representatives:  Diane Agud (2016); Buddy Howell (2017); Jennifer Mooney (2017)

University Curriculum Committee for General Education

Faculty Senate representatives also participate in committees not related to university governance:

Faculty Member-At-Large on the University Promotion and Tenure Committee: Scott Salom (2016)