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Faculty Senate Officers

Serving Officers

President - Joseph Merola, Chemistry

Vice President - Evan Lavender-Smith, English

Operations Officer - Rachel Miles, University Libraries

Past President - Robert Weiss, Geosciences


The members of the cabinet are the president, past-president, vice-president, and operations officer of the Faculty Senate, and one senator from each college and the library not represented by the officers. Senate cabinet members who are not senate officers are elected for a term of one year by caucus of the senators of the respective colleges. A senator may not be elected to the cabinet for more than two consecutive terms. 

Members of the Faculty Senate cabinet in 2023-2024 are:

Faculty Senate President – Joe Merola

Faculty Senate Vice President - Evan Lavender-Smith

Faculty Senate Operations Officer - Rachel Miles

Faculty Senate Past President - Robert Weiss

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - TBD

College of Architecture, Arts, and Design - TBD

 College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences - TBD

College of Engineering - TBD

Pamplin College of Business – TBD

College of Natural Resources and Environment – TBD

College of Science - TBD

College of Veterinary Medicine – TBD

Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine - TBD